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  • The Journals of Lewis and Clark! Fantastic. I have already adjusted my computer's innards in such a way as to force it to mail me an entry aday, so that I can relive their wild linguistic adventures. Misspelling the word "legging"! Using then-innocent but now-dirty-sounding phrases like "jurk their meat all day"! I love primary sources.
  • Wenbudao. Their current top post is about Chinese BASIC, which I didn't even know existed but sure is interesting. The permissible Chinese variables were apparently the radicals, which must have been handy if you were writing a utility to count suns and compare corpses to bamboo. (Searching for a Japanese equivalent, I found G-BASIC, which can accept commands in katakana.)
  • Is this really Six Records of a Floating Life? Shouldn't there be two more records?

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Ah, readers since the late 19th century have been searching in vain for the missing chapters. here it says that two additional chapters were forged later.


They're amusing chapters, too, but no one bothers to translate them. (Because they're stuck up obsessed with authenticity and DA MAN!)


Thanks, zhwj! That explains it. And curse you, The Man! Must you impede even my enjoyment of minor Chinese classics?!

Where can one read them, then, anonymous? Proper Chinese scholarly editions of the work?


Yes, but only some of them. There's one in the Cornell Library that had the "spurious" chapters, but I don't remember all the publication information (just that the characters were not simplified).

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