Folk can be such assholes

"Chiverie" or le charivari is a...

wedding night prank to interrupt the wedding couple at night by a crowd clanging pots and pans, ringing bells and horns. The bride and groom were expected to appear in their wedding clothes and provide treats for their tormentors.
According to French tradition, it is used to be practiced for widows or widowers who were getting remarried or the grooms coming outside of the village.

Man, how goddamn annoying can folk customs get? I'd almost rather be burnt alive inside a wicker man.

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Ooh, barby!

I'll bring the marshmellows!


Listen, if you're going to do that, be sure to take a digital camera in the cage with you and blog the whole thing. As long as possible, obviously. Your hits will go through the roof!


I told my wife-to-be, if there is even one bit of 闹洞房after our wedding, I will kill somebody.


So, they do that in China, too? Bah!


Korea has a similar practice, only the merry-makers wear masks fashioned out of dried squid.


Actually, that Chinese custom is a plot point in a Judge Dee case, if I remember right....

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