You know you're a nerd, but not enough of a nerd, when...

...two days after fumbling around for the right words during a conversation and finally settling for the phrase "super-healing powers", you kick yourself when you suddenly remember that what you wanted to say was "mutant healing factor."

Popularity factor: 8


What does it mean if a reader thought the first was a reference to the RPG "Champions" and the second to X-Men?


You're still a good blogging nerd, though.

And what does it mean when when a second reader knows what the first was referencing? I haven't heard about "Champions" in a while...


What the hell kind of conversation was this anyway?


Man, I wish I'd ever played Champions now. Never even read the rulebook for the one now.

Justin: it went like this:"You look pretty bad, Matt, are you coming in tomorrow?""I guess we'll see if my, uh... super-healing powers... kick in overnight."


Check out this page about Champions--this dude has been playing the same character for 25 years!!!



That's just insane! He's got twice as much history as Spawn and more than half as much as Spider-man!


Though the 3rd installment of X-Men will most likely mean the demise of Cyclops and potentially Phoenix, I can't wait to see this movie.

Also, you've got a twin serving at "Morimoto" in Philly, the restaurant owned by the Japanese Iron Chef of the newer version of the TV show. Seriously, our waiter looked almost exactly like you. It was scary. I half expected him to ask how my Saturday was and when I replied "The usual," tell me to stop sitting around in my underwear watching anime.

Man, I miss that.


Feck. And that amime/Morimoto comment was me, by the way. As if you couldn't tell.


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