Welcome, adventurer

Short version: DotQuest.

Long version: So, I said to myself, "Self, you need to learn how to use CGI and the like."

"Yeah, and you need to lose a few pounds and stop meddling in people's motherfucking business," my self replied.

Harsh words were exchanged and calculators were employed to convert pounds into kilograms, but it all worked out for the best and now I have a working, if limited, adventure survival horror game on No-sword.

P.S. "Enshamen" to cheat.

P.P.S. I also fixed the bug which meant you could never truly die, but became trapped in an endless loop of agony and madness instead. That one was kind of creepy.

Popularity factor: 10


I have waited my whole life for this game. I managed to eat five kittens before I went insane.



I'm a little disturbed though because I don't remember putting any kittens IN the game. I hope you weren't eating them in real life.


That was fun. I lost a half hour to it without realizing the time. I'd say you succeeded. ;)


What, no score??

Great implementation, yo.


'The ghost shrieks with unholy glee as its grotesque being engulfs you. Mercifully, you go insane.

You are never heard from again...'

How appropriate.......


I was having fun mapping the maze, and then I was engulfed by a ghost with no warning.

(Also, I believe they prefer to be called "monsters".)


Ali, Scott: thanks! Score is something I should put in, I guess... maybe in (as Will suggested) Ms. Dotquest

Dop: I think your user image is giving you away.

Tim: Do you remember how it happened? It is possible to get eaten with no warning if you enter a square at the same time as another ghost who was invisible because they were around the corner. I guess I should fix that, eh. (It's also possible it was just a regular bug. My playtesting budget is very small.)


That could have been how it happened. All I remember is that I moved into a space, without any warnings, and was eaten. If it happens again I'll save the log.


Victory is mine! (admittedly I used cheatmode, as well as my own map, towards the end). These messages don't seem to be in quite the right order:

An ungodly howling begins from underground.You have eaten all the dots.

You are never heard from again.

With a cautious "waka", you eat the dot.


Gah! You're right. And I know exactly how I introduced that bug. It's fixed now (not that that helps in your case... I think DQ has rather limited replayability). I also made it more difficult to die without warning by providing some sort of eeriness emanating from directions if you went into which a ghost could eat you. Thanks for the bug reports, they are helpful! (And I am sick of dots myself.)

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