This post would be twenty times longer if I were still in college

Fun find of the day: MURAYAMA Hanako's "Mousu Mousu" notebook. As you can see here, it's just a regular ruled notebook except that the lines you write your words on are also lines of dialogue, spoken by someone into a phone and then overheard and transcribed by Murayama.

Apparently Kokuyo have a whole line of notebooks produced in collaboration with artists, which is both cool and decadent, I suppose.

The name "Mousu Mousu" is probably related to moshi moshi, what you say in Japan when you pick up the phone, a phrase itself derived from mousu (申す, "Speak"). But phones were not always answered with moshi moshi. According to this page, at first the person making the call would shout oi oi! and the recipient would answer you gozansu ("It's good", i.e. "I hear you".)

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