Q: What's worse than breaking into a high school and stealing a girl's swimsuit?


(Note that the "prancing" is not in the original Japanese story. (Yeah, I checked; wouldn't you?) They seem to keep their translators on a fairly loose leash down there at the Mainichi.)

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Pascale Soleil:

I think you mean on a looong leash (ie., they are permissive).


Oh, come on. Haven't we all done that at least once in our lives? Let's face it, it does feel good!


Pascale: Well, Google backs up my version too, but yours is definitely less ambiguous. I will attempt to alter my cliched metaphor lobe ASAP!

LH: I must bow to the wisdom of experience here, I suppose. To my mind, the real issue is: can "because it felt good" be a reason for doing something? Continuing to do something, perhaps, but before the initial doing, how can one know that it will feel good? Did he really mean to say "I thought it would feel good" or "similar things have felt good in the past"?

I am writing up a longer version of this, also involving an out-of-control trolley car and five babies, one of whom will grow up to soil Hitler's swimsuit, which I hope to guest-post at the Valve next week.

Gaijin Biker:

Bah! Far too much dancing; not nearly enough prancing!


(You know I'm dying to comment on this. But won't, fearing to risk the Wrath of Roy.)

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