Moe: the final word

Moetry for you.

(ii) "it is nonsense to love nonentity characters"
I recommend you to look "love" up in your dictionary. You'll find "love" is a very ambiguity word. So is "moe", as I mentioned before. Haven't you been moved by 2-dimension characters' act and come to favorite them? They were kinds of love,and we call such feelings "moe". If you haven't , you might not understand good points of rainbow, poetry, beautiful garments.

Or possibly even unicorns.

The author also uses the word "bemoed", which I consider the epitome of cromulence.

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But what about Larry and Curly?

Um, is moe a Japanese word?


From Goo:(http://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/search.php?MT=%CB%A8%A4%A8&search_history=%CB%A8%A4%A8&kind=je&kwassist=0&jn.x=33&jn.y=9&jn=%B9%F1%B8%EC&mode=0)

萌え (moe) - a state of harboring infatuous feelings for young female characters from manga, anime, games, etc.

(My rough translation... it goes further into the nuances of the word, but I'll leave that to someone more skilled than I - i.e. Matt.)


Whoa. That's... weird.


I can see SOMEONE in this thread doesn't understand good points of rainbow, poetry, beautiful garments!

I think Nathan has distilled it down to the relevant bit. Trying to define "moe" any further than that is, I have come to believe, like trying to define "punk": there'll always be someone who thinks you've got it all wrong.


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Are you ready for the new パンク萌え wave? ;)


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