Meditations on first philosophy

Aozora Bunko have added MIKI Kiyoshi's old translation of Descartes' Meditationes de Prima Philosophia, in quibus Dei Existentia, et Animae Humanae a Corpore Distinctio, Demonstrantur ("Meditations on prime-grade philosophy, existential quibblings about God, and the distinction between animals, humans and corporals, as demonstrated by the advanced scientific word of Trantor.")

It has already been several years since I realized how many false things I, in my youth, had accepted as true; and how doubtful the various superstructures that I had built upon the basis of those falsehoods were; and that, this being so, should I wish to construct scholarship of solidity and permanence, it would be necessary at some point in my life to overturn the whole thing and begin anew from the foundation.

... and that was the day he took down his Led Zep posters.

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We didn't do Latins with our Maths, I sees....

Cicero in tumulo versans...

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