I got MeFied

For DotQuest, of all things.

I have celebrated by responding to the main complaints in the thread: sucky web interface (cursor should always start in the box, ready for typing), and unsatisfying responses to swear words.

Popularity factor: 4


Hey, you're welcome. Don't let the haters get you down, man.


I just beat it again, without using cheat mode. Looks like you've made a few enhancements since I last played. However, I'm disappointed that commands like "GET DOT" "EXAMINE DOT" "INVENTORY" "THROW DOT AT GHOST" "CONSULT GUIDE" and "PLUGH" aren't recognized.

More seriously, it would be nice to have a reset button. My browser wants to resend form data when I hit reload.


No good deed goes unpunished, Matt. ;)


boo_radley, is that you? Thanks, if so!

(BR and Ali) I think the haters in this case had a point, though. It WAS annoying to have to click on that box over and over again. I really should have googled up a solution to that earlier. (Although I can't really take the guy on Digg who said it was boring because it had no graphics seriously.)

Tim: I know, I know. I was seriously thinking of including a surly dwarf you could order around at one point ("TELL DWARF 'GO WEST AND THEN EAT DOT'"). But I had to draw the line.

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