Gee, but it's nice to see you again

Three cinemas in Tokyo have caught Brokeback Fever, and the only cure was me going to see it in Shibuya! And man... I was disgusted. I can't believe that the authorities would allow a movie to so brazenly depict such unnatural, depraved behaviour. And don't even get me started on the health risks -- some things were not meant to be put into our bodies! Won't someone think of the arthouse movie-going children?!

Yes -- smoking cigarettes is just plain nasty.

(If you have to ask what I thought of the film, you clearly haven't been paying enough attention to my ongoing obsession with doomed love stories set in the past. And Ang Lee films about men. Also, everyone should read this.)

More importantly, I was looking forward to getting a professional opinion on how one might say 'I wish I knew how to quit you' in Japanese. I didn't get it, though. The subtitle translation of this line was weak like your frugal aunt's diluted orange juice: from memory, "いっそやめられたら…", which just means "if only I were able to quit [something]".

Popularity factor: 5


"別れ方を知っていればよかったのに" or "縁を切れたらよかったのに," maybe...? (I was there in Cinema Rise, Shibuya today, too.)

Gaijin Biker:

My least-favorite translation ever came in a Simpsons episode. When Bart returns from France with souvenirs for his family, Lisa says, "He brought us gifts — his first unselfish act!"

This was rendered in Japanese as, "Shinjirarenai!"


Really? I was at the late show, second floor.

I really want the "quit you" in that translation, is the thing..

GB, yeah, that's terrible. No wonder nobody likes the Simpsons here.


Wow, you had the slight advantage of being able to see how their kinda mumbly dialog was rendered into subtitles. I had to read the short story and the screenplay before I worked out what a couple of Ennis' lines were. Not that that wasn't pretty awesome, really. There's a lot of interesting disparity.


I don't know how professional this is, but Led Zeppelin's I can't quit you baby is known as "君から離れられない". -- HJ

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