Fantasy/reality divide weakens further

Like John said, Squenix have started selling Final Fantasy Potions. I was pretty sick this week, and I realized that this was the perfect chance to try them out. (My control in this trial was "common sense".)

First things first: these things are hard to get. I had to kill like twenty grimps before one of them dropped a bottle.

Second: potions taste less mystical and more like a dietary supplement than you might expect. This is, I suppose, to be expected when the ingredients are liquid grape sugar, sugar, royal jelly, propolis, elderflower (or possibly elderberries), chamomile, sage, thyme, hyssop, fennel, majoram, rosemary, something like basilico, and melissa (hi Melissa!)*

I visualize the design process here as a bunch of nerds sitting around listing the High Fantasy-sounding herbs they can remember. "Man, they totally put hyssop on dragon wounds. We have to get some of that in there."

So, did it work? Well, put it this way: I am no longer sick.

* Not to mention food acids, scent, caffeine, preservatives, salt, vitamin B6, vitamin 1, and blue food coloring number 1.

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I heard the stuff tastes like ass.


You heard right.


Oor, nasssty Blogginssss, it wantssss to possst thingsss with itsss handsesss, Precioussss!

(I'm assuming this is a negative description for some people?)

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