Declassified satellite imagery from the Kansai region

To completely neutralize the cake, it proved necessary for agents N. and Butterflyblue to get married. We at No-sword salute their courageous act and wish them well in future missions of a doing-things-together-while-surrounded-by-supportive-friends-and-family nature.

Additional notes:

  • Agent Homodachi's preliminary reconnaissance was greatly appreciated and proved invaluable to this mission.
  • It is strongly recommended that Agent Josh be placed on probation.

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A wedding at the Hard Rock cafe...?

I thought they preferred cheesy fake churches here...


It does my heart good to see evidence of at least one low-cheese wedding in Japan, and also what looks like an authentic cake instead of a multi-story polystyrene monstrosity with a knife blade-sized morsel of cake imbedded in it.


I was under the impression that weddings were the primary business of hotels in Japan, and that offering room and board for weary travelers was a vestigial function that they'd rather get rid of.

(That said, the one wedding I happened to run across this weekend was at an honest-to-kami shrine.)



The actual wedding was, I think, in a hotel. But I'm pretty sure it was low-cheese, knowing those two.

And the cake was real!


LOL. I appreciate your contribution to the success of the mission.

I don't think our hotel chapel wedding was "cheesy". Our priest had a Transylvanian accent, but other than that. Everyone got to throw flower petals at us (the "flower shower"). I think it was nice.

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