I'm about to depart on a top-secret mission to Osaka, but I will leave you with the ridiculously gigantic English movie name-Japanese movie name page. I think someone pointed this out to me in comments a long time ago, but it was down at that very moment and unlinkable.

Its time has come.

Did you know...?

  • Abbott and Costello were apparently referred to as "Deko-Boko" ("Convex and Concave"), e.g. Abbott & Costello in the Navy -> 凸凹海軍の巻
  • There was also some character known as "Dreamy Dud" whose Japanese (nick)name was 凸坊 ("the Convex Kid")
  • Dames Ahoy! became 娘喜べ水兵上陸 ("Rejoice, o girls! The navy has arrived!"), a complete reversal.
  • The Wizard of Oz has two Japanese titles listed: オズの魔法使 ("the Wizard of Oz") and 笑国万歳 ("Banzai for the Land of Laughter!") I know which I prefer.

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Amazing... I was just thinking that someone should set up a Wiki to do the same thing for Chinese versions of English-langage film titles! None of which, by the way, are as interesting as the ones in that email that made the rounds a few years back....


Oh my God the color scheme on that page sears my brain. Who comes up with garbage like that?

Oh yeah I forgot, Japanese webpage design is still stuck in the 90s.

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