When worlds collide

Noticed this in the AM/PM today:

"Wait a second. Did that say..."

Nnnneeeerrrrdsss! Unusually glamorous nnnneeeerrrrdsss!

Or maybe just a coincidence.

Popularity factor: 4


Ahaha. That was probably your best executed blog to date. Good work, sir.


At first I looked at the hot girl. Then I looked at the birthing headline. Then I finally saw the 1337 (before scrolling down to your make-it-obvious zoom).

Excellent. On many levels.


Thank you, thank you. I do it all for you, baby.

From memory on the actual cover, that text is shiny and silver. I had to do some color trickery to make the 1337 even visible. Glad it worked out so well.


Man. Wit like a blade. It's like before I can even catch what happened, my lower torso and my upper torso are sliding apart. You know, kind of at an angle.

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