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Language Geek called me out!

The article she mentions is really quite interesting. Here are a few of the more interesting words/phrases it containeth:

  • 寝技一本 (newaza ippon): "Refers to being good in bed. When an amazingly beautiful man marries or dates a horrible woman, people will say, 'her newaza ("'sleep'-trick") got her that one.'"
  • 晩晩婚 (banbankon): marriage after the age of 35. This is a comic redoubling of the ban ("evening") of long-established Japanese word bankon (晩婚, "evening [i.e. late] marriage"), which disturbs me a little due to the low cutoff age.
  • MKIN -- pseudo-acronym for makeinu, "loser dog", which is used (by some!) to refer to unmarried women over 30... hey, I don't build the society, I just live in it.

  • Memorial Sex-less -- When the two parties to a "sexless riage" say things like "Okay, if the Hanshin Tigers win!" or "When it's our anniversary!" in an attempt to tie sex to specific events and thus make it more likely, but don't actually go through with it.

Okay, I'd better stop before I start to cry, or option this article and turn it into an inspiring cinematic experience in which three small-town gals realize that their friendship is worth more than any man could ever be.

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I knew I could count on you!

- Language Geek


Is it possible that "newaza ippon" is a humorous judo reference?


I know that the "ippon" is a martial arts reference... Do they say "[something] waza ippon" in judo? Cause if so, I bet it is.


Ne-waza in judo is ground-fighting (literally "ground techniques" or "lying techniques"? I've seen it translated a couple of ways), which usually means two people in gis rolling round on the floor trying to pin, armlock or strangle one another; successful pinning, armlocking or choking scores ippon and ends the match.

So I'd assume the term is drawing a parallel between the sexual "technique" needed to win over a man, and the rather more violent submissions carried out at a similar range in judo...


Yeah, I think you're right! Thanks! Something to put on my list of vocab areas to investigate..


the rather more violent submissions...in judo

You obviously don't know the women I have.

; )

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