Life hacks

Here's one I learnt from a guy in an Ikebukuro bar:

  1. Buy a musical instrument
  2. Practise regularly -- preferably every day -- for a few years: sometimes on your own, sometimes with other peopl

Voila, you're a competent musician!

The beautiful thing about this hack is that you can modify the extent to which you become competent by simply fine-tuning the practice time.

Popularity factor: 5


Unfortunately, people strive not for competence, but to become artists, and there's an infinite gulf between the two points.


nice hack; I myself am working on my Japanese skills hack right now


Mark: No problem! Just develop a unique and penetrating point of view and develop the technical skills necessary to connect with the audience and express it to them! Also extend the practising time by a decade or two and preferably start before you turn 10. Yes, this is the greatest hack ever.

Clay: Are you using a guitar?


Clay: Are you using a guitar?

He said Japanese. Shamisen, I'd wager!


(But then I found mention of guitar on his 50 things to do before dying list. Oh well. Different str...strums?)

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