It's okay, though, their target market doesn't understand irony anyway

So I watched Hummer's Super Bowl Commercial. Apparently Hummers are what happen when gigantic, ugly, city-levelling monsters and gigantic, inhuman, city-levelling machines reproduce.


The Degree commercial, on the other hand, is marvellous. I quite literally marvelled.

As for Burger King, I applaud their attempts at zaniness, but speaking as a resident of Japan I can confirm that they have a long way to go.

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But have you seen the commercial for Land Rover filmed by Ridley Scott's son in the aqueducts under Tokyo? It's beautiful!


It is fascinating to see a site discussing some aspects of both Japanese language and culture in English. I'm an habitual watcher of subtitled Japanese films (and yes, as is more common among Americans, I adore anime). I studied in university, majoring in Intercultural Studies, and while I am going to be eventually living abroad in a latin american country- so I should be learning Spanish really- I am fascinated by everything Japanese, and have a craving to learn to speak more of the language. Picking up a word or two over months through subtitles just won't cut it.

So, I think I will take more peeks here to see if I can pick up on some more words and concepts. I'm especially excited if some of the posts here are from Japan! I'd love to get to know some English-speaking friends from there.



I went to some website with a compilation of the "best of" commercials for the superbowl. I, like you, was particularly unimpressed by the Burger King ad. I kept thinking "Why is this a best of? It sucks!" Today you confirmed for me the truth: the only reason to watch Japanese TV is it's awesomely crazy commercials. Good luck catching up to that, America.


Amida: I did! And it was very impressive. Also nice to know that we can escape down there and live a Land Rover-assisted free life if North Korea drops the bomb.

Patrick: Thanks! Glad to be of use. All of the posts here are from Japan, and about 3/4 of the comments, I think.

Justin: Hey I didn't say it was the ONLY reason. Let's not forget Ishihara Satomi.

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