Forever unsent

I picked up this old postcard at a secondhand bookstore.

My best guess is that it was taken at the Mikuni in Fukui prefecture, which unless I am very mistaken -- and I might be -- faces the ocean. The kanji in parentheses are "天恵的避暑地", transliterating as "heaven-blessing-y avoid-heat place" ("avoid-heat place" being a standard vocabulary item meaning "summer retreat/resort".)

I wish I knew when it was taken, but there isn't any more information on the card. But it was at least long ago enough to show the worlds of parasol-bearing trad ladyhood and shawl-slung mod flapperdom colliding:

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I'm reading こゝろ now in the Japanese and that image will forever be the scene where Boku meets Sensei.


That's EXACTLY what I thought. Except that scene is decidedly more homoerotic - "I" doesn't seem to notice the ladies on the beach.


Yep, looks like Sunset beach, in Mikuni. I used to live there.

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