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So, reading this week's Tsubasa. Syaoran and Kurogane have just rushed off to do something frightfully dashing and brave as part of their ongoing multiverse-spanning quest to retrieve Sakura's memory-feathers. Sakura -- in a divine little bonnet -- looks sad because she is unable to fight huge monsters alongside them.

SAKURA: I... I can't do anything...
MOKONA: [non-human comic relief] Yes you can!
SAKURA: (looks at Mocona)
MOKONA: You can wait for Syaoran and Kurogane to come back!
SAKURA: (smiles, 100% reassured) ... Yeah.

Now there is one princess who won't be keeping her princessing career after marriage.

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I read it as a commentary on Nietzsche's eternal recurrence, as Sakura accepts the challenge to will her unalterable destiny.

(Note: my familiarity with both Tsubasa and Nietzschean philosophy is extremely superficial; this analysis should not be taken as definitive without further confirmation.)


Memory feathers?

She's... feather-brained?


I adore CLAMP, probably far more than a man my age should. And I adore Sakura even more.

But man...sometimes I wish she'd grow a spine.


The way I see it, Tsubasa is basically about lanky pretty-boys having heroic adventures against an ever-changing background (and in ever-changing clothes to match that background). It's brilliantly set up. But it also means that Sakura HAS to be lame. If she was also heroic, Syaoran's heroism would seem a lot less extreme.

Instead of his "I will do this for her because I love her (even if she doesn't remember me so she can't love me back!) and she needs me desperately!" it would be "I will do this for her because (etc.) and, eh, I guess she might find me handy sometime." It might even get creepy and stalkery. "Okay, Syaoran or whoever you are, seriously, I can handle this. If you aren't going to stop staring at me while I sleep and talking about fate, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave."

Also, they need someone to wear the female outfits (not as a sight gag).

Ali: worst pun ever!

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