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When you walk past a big in-store display full of books and magazines with the word LOHAS in their titles, and you think "huh, that sounds like one of those made-up English-sounding Japanese brand names, but if it's just a brand how come there are so many magazines about it?" and, curious, pick up the closest one, and read a sentence that says (in Japanese) "LOHAS is an English word meaning Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability" -- well, that's a weird feeling. An almost eerie feeling. (This was a big display.)

Is LOHAS such a well-known word in the Anglosphere now? Am I just out of the loop? (With all the linguistics blogs I read?!) What other words have you guys been adding to the vocabulary? Am I going to hear people saying "Flapsnax" as a greeting next time I visit my family?

Or is it a minor thing over there that for some reason became more popular in Japan, like Mr Big? ("Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability" sure sounds like something a non-native speaker would come up with. I can almost feel a phantom の behind that awkward of.)

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Wow, take a look:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lohas


sounds exciting. i would love to see a giant monster battle between lohas and lovos. the implications of such a battle shake the very foundations of the world we live in!


I'm with you on the non-naitive coinage. I'd think we'd do something that was fine when said, but a more awkward acronym, such as, "HSL: Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyles."


well, I for one have never heard of "Lohas" until now when I am hearing it from YOU! So don't worry pal, you are not the only one scratching your head here.


I've never heard of it either, but amida's link makes me feel like I'm out of it. Fortunately, I've long since grown used to that.

LOHAS... no, I think I'm just going to forget I ever heard about it.

Did somebody say something? 'Cause I didn't hear anything.


Well, I'm glad it's not just me.

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