This is going to be a real dog of a year

The stores are closed, the sky is gray, the crows are out, it's New Year's Day! Now the real business of staying inside with your family and eating an elaborately stacked lacquer box full of traditional food can begin.

2005 was a rather dramatic year for me on every level but as far as I can tell it worked out alright in the end. This is, however, approximately 95% due* to my wonderful, generous friends, family and co-workers (current and previous), whose support ranged from the vital-to-sanity "emotional" kind (that includes you, readers/commenters) to the vital-to-existence "employment" and "shelter" kind.

I know that some of you try to keep a low profile online, and a lot of you don't even read my blog at this point, so I won't include the whole list here, but I am nevertheless hugely grateful for and humbled by everything you guys did for me over the course of the year. Thanks, and happy new year to everyone.

Pardon my schmaltz (ew, rhyme):

新 年始尓 思共 伊牟礼C乎礼婆 宇礼之久母安流可
atarasiki / tosi no hazime ni / omohu doti / imurete woreba / uresikumo aruka
How joyfully begins the year
when kindred souls are gathered near.

That gem, which anticipates Hallmark by more than a millennium, was allegedly written by Funado no Ookami (道祖王), grandson of Emperor Temmu.

* I attribute the other 5% to Aya, who most graciously refrained from breaking up with me until my other troubles were mostly settled.

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Happy New Year! There is new snow here, of the sort that makes for the best sentimental holiday photos. 2005 was certainly difficult, and I'm glad to make it out the other side. To more joy and less trouble in the next 12 months and beyond.


hi. i just happen to click on a link somewhere which has led me to your blog. so.. have been reading it for quite some time. it isnt deserted anyway. :)

oh, before i forget, Happy New Year!


Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!Thanks for all the great posts in 2005, and for supporting my own blogging efforts.


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Thanks, all. (Although Margret, I strongly suspect you are spam. Shame on you!)

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