As a semi-regular reader of various nerdy sites, I thought long and hard about buying a cover to protect my new iPod Nano. I Googled up some research (trustworthiness level: SUPER-INTERNET), and found people who say "it's a beautiful piece of hardware, I want to keep it in perfect condition" and other people who say "the scratches aren't that bad as long as you don't jingle it around in a hessian sack with your key collection, and anyway they add character, and if it's a beautiful piece of hardware why wrap it in rubber?" and other people who say "because I'm a member of __fullbodygalosh, the LiveJournal community for people who appreciate the appeal of a beautiful thing wrapped in rubber" and then it just gets weird.

But the point I wanted to make is, the whole "Protect your iPod at all costs, even if it looks goofy! It will thank you later!" vs "Let your iPod run free and develop its own rugged, grizzled appearance!" debate suggests to me that as the become-a-parent age rises, a lot of 20-something nerds are unconsciously creating substitute outlets for their childrearing urges. Or, at least, their arguing-about-the-correct-way-to-raise-children urges.

(I, by the way, am a no-cover guy. But it was not an easy decision to make and I still find myself checking to make sure that I am not leaning against the wall in such a way that the precious, precious music-holding machine is endangered.)

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my ipod video has the same surface as a nano and i opted to get a skin for it, because the scratches can get distracting to me when i look at the screen. the rubber also makes a better noise when i accidentally drop it on the floor, as i clumsily do with anything i use a lot (like my poor cell phone).


If you read the same nerd articles I did, you read that the Nano is very "strong" (won't break) but not "hard" (will scratch.)

My solution was to get clear cheap-o vinyl skins. All the surface protection without the bulk. I got mine from these guys (gals?):



Let it get scratched. Wabi-sabi nano.I got a case for my (now-oldschool) iPod, but I got sick of using it. Now it runs free.

I bet your research on nerd sites uncovered the fact that cleaners like Brasso get scratches out and are far cheaper than the ones marketed specifically for the iPod.


to your point about child rearing and geekiness, it does give added meaning to the geekiness of the name Dr Spock.


Quick plug for a favourite nano case: If you happen to work at an office that requires you to carry an ID card and buzz yourself through security doors constantly, the Prie Tunetag ID is ideal. It's a lanyard and ID card holder with a nano pouch on the back, and comes with a chunky metal belt hook that you can switch to when outside the office to avoid ridicule.

Not a fan of hanging gadgets around my neck, but this is fairly unobtrusive. Buy at Bic Camera to avoid frustration with the almost geological times it takes Focus, Prie's designated online store for Japan, to get products into stock.



Given the ole tempora and the ole mores, I deem protection the wiser course in all things.

(remainder self-censored)


For me the important thing was always protection of the screen because a scratched screen is (as above mentioned) distracting. Otherwise, a so-called free range iPod (or any other device) just starts to look crappy after a lot of use and a lot of people don't like to look like a scrub I guess (as evidenced by his hardware). Something like that.


Me, I don't get so distracted by the scratches (once there are a good few of them on there), and I'm stubborn, so I'll be going commando. But I appreciate the advice. (Maybe it'll come in handy to some future googler.)

Justin: so I'm stuck between people thinking I'm a scrub because my nano is beat up, and people thinking I'm a ponce because it's in a case? Man... good thing I got the black one, maybe I can just hide in the shadows.


Once it's scratched to your liking, go with the Invisible Shield to keep it that way without getting worse.Or, go with it now if you decide you don't want the scratches.Perfectly transparent, scratch-proof, and only 1mm thick.http://www.theinvisibleshield.com


If I had one I'd probably get a case because I'm clumsy. But there's aesthetic reasons to get a rubber case. K got the wasabi green case for his and it looks really cool.

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