It can't be that bad

The song Yoseba ii no ni ("I should just let it go"), by Toshi-Ito and Happy & Blue, has a chorus that goes like this:

馬鹿ね 馬鹿ね よせばいいのに
駄目な駄目な 本当に駄目な
いつまでたっても 駄目なわたしね
Stupid, right? Stupid. I should just let it go.
Worthless, worthless, truly worthless,
Forever worthless -- that's me.

The entire song is told from a female perspective but sung by a man, with an entire all-male chorus joining in for each repetition of "Forever worthless -- that's me". It's like the 60s urban folk boom gone horribly wrong.

I love it, of course.

Popularity factor: 2


Is that the one Twisted Sister covered?

Just wondering...


Yeah, but I don't think "We're not gonna take it" was a very accurate translation.

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