How capitalized is the "i" in ISHIHARA Satomi's designation as It Girl right now?

So capitalized that she has appeared in Playboy and Sabra over the past month or so without even stripping down to a bathing suit, let alone underwear. Or even bothering to disguise her contempt!

Man, I don't know what I did, but I sure feel bad about it.

I suppose it's possible she's just tired of smiling after all that work on Ns' Aoi, the heartwarming serial about a nurse with so many vowels in her given name that she can't spare any to use in the word "Nurse", for which "Ns'" is short, if you hadn't guessed. (And how it's pronounced, too, according to the furigana, so my brief excitement over the prospect of a title parallel to "Ms" but exclusively for nurses was sadly misplaced.)

Hey, look, there's English on that page!

Profit priority! Doctor preferential treatment!
Hospital "Daily life" which doesn't change.
Nurse's "Real" is blocked here.

Google suggests that that last line is an (overly) direct translation of ここには、ナースの「リアル」が詰まってる! "Real" is being used as a noun, having snuck in the back way after earlier adoption as a na adjective, and "blocked" is as in a nose or a sink. But I think it's supposed to be a positive thing: a story positively crammed with nurse's "real"!

Anyway, I guess that explains the photo above. You'd be in a bad mood too if you had a stuffy real.

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Hey, that's Shizuka-san, Yoshitsune's girlfriend in the 2005 大河ドラマ!


LOL! I <3 Engrish :D


She's everywhere, I tell you!


Yeah, she's everywhere. She was on that show where two people try to guess what food the other one hates. She must be going through the standard media blitz right now. How long before she pops up on SMAPxSMAP?

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