Down the wiki-hole

I found it! Or, more accurately, idly checked to see if it was there! The List of Lists!

And apparently, no-one has ever publicly denied being gay.

Popularity factor: 4


Is there a List of Lists which do not List Themselves? Because the List of Lists would not be on it. (It lists itself at least twice, once in the «See also» section, which doesn't make much sense to me.)


I was surprised to see Jay Gatsby on the list. Doesn't everybody know his name is Jay? Oh, everybody who's actually read the novel, I guess. Never mind.

Also, it would have been better arranged by last name. Because nobody knows those first names!


And Bill Gates' first name is "William"? I'll be damned. Unfortunately, the first names of Bill Clinton, Bill Murray and Bill Wyman remain a mystery.


I think the list of lists should by definition list itself, it being a list and all. (Although the "See also" placement is a bit unfortunate.)

L & K: I agree with you (both) entirely.

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