Don't even get me started about books about Japan

"How to write about Africa" + a LanguageHat post about Lagos Pidgin and a great blog in which it plays a part = crazy rewarding.

Seriously, the blog (Teju Cole) is great.

Popularity factor: 6


You'll be pleased to hear that I added it directly above No-Sword in my aggregator last night, then.


There could be no greater honor! Except maybe a knighthood. But only until Charles becomes king. Then I imagine knighthoods will indeed become less highly esteemed than a position directly below a really good blog in people's aggregators.


Japan?"A land of contrasts, where ancient (fill-in-the-blanks) stand next to high-tech (fill-in-the-blanks), and women wearing (traditional clothing) stand in line for (American fast-food) behind high-school girls wearing the latest (trendy designer). And businessmen are samurai."

Gaijin Biker:

Reminds me of an essay I read, I think by Paul Fussell, about travel writing in general. He wrote, "Travelese is a place where old meets new."


Christopher Hitchens did something somewhere about the "land of contrasts" school of travel writing.


To paraphrase the Granta article: "Geisha, homogeneity, soiled undy machines: use these."

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