Crawling king snake

Tonight I crossed another item off the List: "win oversized novelty underwear as prize in board game competition." No, wait, that was last night. Tonight was "attend live performance of John Zorn's Cobra." As an added nostalgic bonus, one of the players was ŌNO Yumiko from Buffalo Daughter.

I finally understand why the rules aren't supposed to be publicly available -- it's because trying to figure them out is so much fun. Duh. I also hadn't realized how visceral the prompter cues were. Nor how awesome it can be when a dozen musicians start pretending to argue with each other in gibberish language all at once, and even the audience starts to join in. Goddamn, it was great.

Bonus music/game links so that this post won't be entirely pointless

  • Nomic, the game where changing the rules is a move
  • Saskrotch. "Live at DrunkeNES" is sublime. That moment at the 11-minute mark is one of the great intra-song turning points of the modern age.

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