Can't you Americans deliver one lousy month's worth of beef without throwing a spine in?!

I want my goddamn Yoshinoya back!

I suppose it's always valuable to be reminded that modern beef production is so brutal and grotesque that spines can end up in the product without anyone noticing. ... Maybe I don't want my Yoshinoya back after all.

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I'm not vegetarian because I particularly care about animals... I'm vegetarian because meat processing scares the hell out of me.


What's this about modern techniques? Look at this excerpt from Sinclair's The Jungle, especially the 3rd paragraph about the rats, and the sausages. Apparently the publishing of this book was responsible for lowering meat consumption in the US by about 30%.


Good point! Maybe I should have said "industrialized". Not that I actually go out of my way to find down-home farm-killed double-priced meat myself. I'm part of the problem.


Talk about shooting yourself in the foot...d'uh.

If I were living around that processing plant, I'd avoid buying any beef at all for a while.

Wouldn't want any of that inspector ending up in me meatloaf, knowharramean?

(At least according to the article the US side is taking responsibility responsibly for a change. One positive aspect, at least.)

For every animal you don't eat I'm going to eat three. --Maddox

Gaijin Biker:

Obviously the US negotiators decided to "show a little backbone."



Mooooving on...


I don't like the direction you guys are steering this thread.


Hey, you got a beef with us, just ban us!


What I find most disturbing is that they never actually say what sort of animal the spine is from.


Gaijin Biker:

That's it, I'm storming off in a hoof. Wagyu gonna do about it?


Hey, you think this has anything to do with Bush spine on us?

Gaijin Biker:

Cud be, I guess.


Now we're getting udderly ridiculous!

(Old one, I know, but tried & true!)


I think it's more to the point not that the processer didn't notice but rather didn't care.

Those damn Americans.


Bully for you!

Rest assured he's probably been put out to pasture by now.

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