And look how angry he is at himself

"Even I, a French person, came to love English!" says Napoleon.

I believe this was an ad for Misuzu Gakuen.

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DUDE, I saw that add as I was on my way to leave Tokyo, and was gonna post something about it, but just forgot... anyway, I couldn't think of anything witty to say either, so it's just as well that you saved me from a horrible post :)


Oh snap! You left Tokyo! orz orz

Well, if you come back for the weekend or whatever...


Doesn't the 'tomogara' make it mean something like, "Even I, a French person, and my friends came to love English!"?

-- Shannon


... or on second thought "Even my French friends came to love English!"


Ahh, that kanji can be read tomogara, but in this case I'm pretty sure it's hai. Wa ga hai is (at this point in the history of Japanese) basically an archaic/pretentious first-person pronoun phrase. It's the same wa ga hai as in the original Japanese title of Soseki's "I am a cat" (wa ga hai wa neko de aru) -- that's part of the joke, that a cat would refer to himself as wa ga hai (unfortunately very difficult to translate into English -- maybe something like "I, sir, am a cat" might be close).

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