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The Digital Dictionary of Buddhism, apparently mostly thanks to Charles Muller.

  • To threaten, menace, intimidate. [cmuller]
  • To scold, reprove. [cmuller]
  • [Buddhism] A sudden shout given during a Chan dialog. Used as an expression of wordless reality, or used by teachers to shock, awaken, or scold students. Also written 大喝, 一喝, 喝破. [cmuller]

It ain't free and open to all like JDIC, but even non-subscribers get up to 10 searches per day, and you can also apparently get a password in exchange for helping to write entries (which, let's face it, you would be able to do if you were in a position where you needed to run more than 10 searches a day on this dictionary.)

Or you could just check out Muller's digitized version of Soothill and Hodous's Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms, which includes a fascinating forward about the digitization process:

I became ... quite likely the only other person besides Soothill, Hodous, and their editorial staff, to read the dictionary in its entirety, and as a result of this concentrated exposure to it, I was led, as a fellow lexicographer, to come away with an immense respect for efforts of its compilers. Very early in the age of attempts at mixed Chinese-Roman typesetting, and several decades before the advent of copy machines, these two men, working on different continents, sent their handwritten manuscript back and forth by ship over the Atlantic ocean no less than four times.

Serious scrutiny has led me to the conclusion that the work is, at least in terms of its translations from Chinese sources, fairly sound. Using modern computing technology in the process of adding this material to the DDB, we were able to benefit from the presence of digitized versions of the Fanyi mingyi ji and the Ding Fubao, which were checked (along with a wide range of other digitized resources) on the addition of each entry. This allowed us to add a good amount of information to the DDB from these sources that Soothill and Hodous—no doubt in the interest of economy—left out...

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