This commercial about a 15-year-old "cream fairy" is highly illogical, captain

"I've come to pour the cream on!"

But... but... it's already on! That's the whole point of the "Cream on Pudding" product range!

Also, the part where she says "So, do you have, like, a girlfriend?" but then starts snickering before she can finish the subsequent offer to fill that particular role is cruel and unusual. And amusing!

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Hmmm...a teenage girl in a mini-skirt shows up at the door, she causes a white substance to flow, and then she asks if he has a girlfriend. Perfectly logical to me.


Yeah, but try explaining that to the cops. Man! It's like they never heard of the Cream Fairy before.


Sorry, I can't resist it any longer. If she'd shown up at a certain genkan in Iwaki, it would have gone like this:

CF: Cream in your pudding?IDR: Umm...not often.

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