Nosebleeds to sweep Japan

GOTO Maki, TAKAOKA Saki and MANDA Hisako are going to star in a "special drama" called Yubi ("Finger[s]") about a certain "lesbian world" where "love and hate mingle and swirl" (愛憎渦巻くレズビアンの世界). Goto and Takaoka will play actresses, Manda will play their wealthy patron, and all will get involved in a love triangle sure to be as dramatically scored as it is vaguely filmed.

Seriously, this can only be a positive development. Beautiful young actresses have, for far too long, been all but invisible to Japanese popular culture.

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Well, there's an image indelibly scored into my brain now. Or did you mean "scored" as in a sports meet?!


Whole lotta scoring goin' on!


What does "Yubi" have to do with Lesbians...? Unless... no... oh god! Nosebleed!


man, everyone gets so hung up on the fingers when they hear this story ;)

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