Much taste and elaborate pains were expended

Now would be a real good time to go check out the Wikipedia entry for "Box". It is, as a commenter says on the discussion page, acutely foppish, and that's never a bad thing.

Popularity factor: 3


What's really surprising is that it's stayed foppish since 26 May.

That, and an edit on the history page that says "Removed Reactionary Statement." We must work to support the box revolutionaries, don't you know...


Looking into the history in more detail, the reactionary statement turns out to have been "Oooh, naughty."

Going off topic; remember the Partner Ballroom Dance Robot? More pictures! (On reflection, I think that's exactly the right outfit for someone associated with this project.)


And thus was the Boxer Rebellion put down..

Tim: Thanks! I love the Gundam robot in that person's photostream, too. It has the awesome power to... RECYCLE ALUMINIUM CANS! Obviously setting the stage for a crossover with Captain Planet.

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