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This one kid I used to teach loved this like a son: a dramatization of Perry's black ship-backed clash against the forces of keeping-Japan-closed-ization.

That link goes to a sounds-and-words only version; the original (?) flash animation can be found here (search for ペリー肉声 within the page if you have trouble), along with a whole lot of other Perry vehicles, including his version of that song which offers character analysis based on breast size preference.

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The first link goes to "Not found" and searching on the given characters produced no results on the second link.



I'm the worst host ever. OK, try again now!


Both working now, thanks! I can't believe I watched the whole thing, considering I didn't understand a word, but every once in a while there would be a few words in Engrish or an image of him getting buggered by a deer (?!) to keep me going. (Of course, I had no idea what "We cannot sleep without you" meant in context, but at least I could read it.) Coca Cola!

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