Know your enemy

At last, the tragedy of Giant Octopus can be told!

On the remote Faro Island, a young native boy named Chikiro was told to procure some narcotic berry juice in order to assist the treatment of Kinsaburo Furue. The boy rushed across the rocky shore and made his way into a relatively large, grassy hut. In the distance behind him, his mother called out as she searched for her child. Little did either the boy or his mother know that something else was approaching the hut. The slithering sounds of a giant octopus slowly became audible as it appeared from behind a small hill. Inside the hut, Chikiro's mother located and reprimanded the boy, but the terrifying sight of the collapsing roof completely shifted her attention. The giant octopus had climbed onto the hut, seeking the berry juice inside...

This was an appalling breach of tribal etiquette; he should have burst through the wall of the hut, shouting "OH YEAH!"

Also, Frankenstein.

Dr. Yuzo Kawaji and Dr. Bowen both disembark for Germany to see Dr. Reisendorf, the man who had Frankenstein's heart before it was taken to Japan. Reisendorf explains that if the doctors truly want to find out if the child they have in custody is a descendent of the Frankenstein's monster, then all they have to do is severe one of the child's limbs. If the boy is in fact Frankenstein's monster, Reisendorf assures them that the creature will regenerate its missing limb.

Testable hypotheses are the foundation of modern Frankenscience.

For those who crave more Godzillaic wisdom, and have a few hours to spare, I recommend the Wikipedia entry.

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It's like a Frankenstarfish.


You don't want to see the part where the kid turns his stomach inside-out.

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