I call it kawaychedelia

In 1973, a song called 『てんとう虫のサンバ』 (Tentoumushi no samba, "The ladybirds' samba") was a hit single. It was performed by Cherish, a duo consisting of MATSUZAKI Yoshitaka and MATSUI Etsuko, who would later marry. Music by MAGAINO Shunichi, lyrics by SAITOU Daizou, and they go a little something like...

You and I, in the land of dreams,
at a small chapel in the forest,
held our wedding ceremony.
You were shy, and the bugs all teased you,
Saying, "Come on, kiss her!"
So, tenderly, you did.
In red, blue and yellow,
The ladybirds came out,
And broke into a samba...

Popularity factor: 3


Did you see the Dempa Shônen episode where Akiko Matsumoto wanted to sing a duet with Yasser Arafat, went to find and actually got in to see him? Guess what song she chose. Changed the lyrics a little bit, though.



And broke into a samba...

Is this where Ken Matsudaira busts in on the scene?


Ironically, that song is totally not a samba.

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