Frog lives underwater

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In the Edo period, people believed that kappa were real, and there were even specialist books about them. The most well-known of these was An Overview of Kappalogy (『水虎考略』), compiled by KOGA Touan (古賀侗庵) in 1820. The work shown here, Guide to [the?] 12 Types of Kappa (『水虎十二品之図』), is a collection of twelve images copied from the Overview with some extra details added. The Guide was authored by SAKAMOTO Kouen (坂本浩然), a court physician in Kii Province, and his younger brother SAKAMOTO Juntaku (坂本純沢), a court physician in Takatsuki, Settsu.

(I should probably note that I am lazily translating suiko (水虎, literally "water tiger") as kappa because although I can find webpages that allege a difference between the two terms, they certainly seem to be used synonymously here.)

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Nowadays, they can be found at Australian coffee shops. Just go into one, and a waitress will ask if you want a kappa.

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