For this I became self-aware?

Robot becomes self-aware! Well, 70% of the time, at least. I guess that means it can only kill 70% of humanity. Keep at it, Meiji University!

In any case, I used my magical Japanese powers to find a page at the university which includes a video of the terrifying machine-man. Although, that blue LED looks like it's firing a lot more than 30% of the time.

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The article didn't say how it was doing this. It could well be some time delay algorithm built into the system. That would be enough to allow it to recognize the difference between the mirror and the "other." It would be a more interesting experiment if you put a small clump of dirt on the mirror, just off the center of the field of view, or put a moustache on the "other" robot.


Yeah, I'm not convinced that this is self-awareness, either. I'd like a little more detail than "artificial nerve cells allow it to magically tell the difference between itself (mirrored) and another".


"In humans, consciousness is basically a state in which the behavior of the self and another is understood," said Takeno.

Oh, is that what it is, basically? Heck, I don't know why I do the things I do have the time, and I've no idea whatsoever what's firing your lights...does this mean I'm unconscious? That this is all just a dream?



Consciousness should include the concept of memory persistence but from the way those lights were flashing, it seemed like the machine would decide something and completely forget it 0.1 seconds later, redecide something else, forget it 0.1 seconds later...kind of like a certain ex-boss, who'd had his brain damaged by decades of heavy drinking and stress.

Gaijin Biker:

Just as long as it isn't Sarah Connor-aware.


That'd be pretty lame. It'd be all "I need your clothes, your boots, and.............................. wait, where am I? Why am I wearing these boots? Who terminated who in the what now? I, uh..........................."

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