Communist anarchy?!

But that's the worst kind!

And don't miss the chilling portrayal of a school for terrorists and revolutionaries. You can tell the teacher is a dangerous man because he is clenching his fist as he lectures. [Thanks Sal. Update: Oh snap! You just threw me a link from BoingBoing, didn't you?! Doooh, I hate smurfs!]

While I'm posting links to amusing comic book panels, this one made me snicker. OK, I'm done.

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I like the teacher's talking points. Nice and broad. I hate it when dirty commies put too much information on the board at once. I think a Powerpoint may have worked a little better, though. Maybe a fly-in from the left for "Create Fear", with lightning f/x.


It's... it's... a centrally-planned economy with no center!

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