You'll believe a man can fly

Speaking of 2D vs 3D, check this out. See, there's this manga in Super Jump called Donmai ("Don't mind!" = "Don't worry about it!"), drawn by WAKASA Takeshi (若狭たけし) and scripted by YAJIMA Masao (矢島正雄), and it's about to make the leap to the small screen. The heroine will be played by idol and ex-Mr Donuts image girl AIBU Saki, so naturally she got a photo feature in Super Jump.

So there were a few pictures of her in character, and then there was one of... well, the opposite:

I was quite fascinated by this and spent a while studying it, trying to figure out how cartoon characters can be drawn so unnaturally and yet still look so human. (Later, of course, I realized that I'd probably just looked like a disturbingly avid Aibu Saki fan.)

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