You can't say that on Japanese television

Via Honyaku-l: Japanese un-P.C. words. Some of them are just bizarre. When did people say "zuujaa" for "jazz", and why should anyone be offended by it?

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I believe the idea is that a pronunciation reversal can imply that the subject is somehow taboo or dirty, something that can't be mentioned directly. Certainly jazz musicians and fans would be insulted by the implication.


Thats a lot of popups on them thar link.

And how can unko be a banned word!?Hidoi.


I'm a jazz fan, and I'm not offended. Back in the day, jazz WAS unfit for direct mentioning (in polite company). That just reflects the boneheadedness of society, not any problem with jazz itself.

Maybe this particular one is more like "jeez, grandpa, you can just say 'jazz' now, you know" than "you must not say 'zuujaa'! Wynton Marsalis will have us killed!" in intention.

Eigojin: sorry about the popups, I use Safari and Firefox so I didn't even know... That yakugo thing is pretty cool. Did you make it? What dictionary does it use?


You know, you've mentioned this interesting Honyaku-l a number of times. How can I get it?


here is a good starting point: http://crossroads.net/honyaku/


(I guess it's really just called "honyaku", not "honyaku-l", but old mailing list naming habits are hard to break...)

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