"World" gives everyone trouble

How do you make a movie set in Japan starring people from all over Asia, and beyond? In English, of course! Oh, wait, it's not that easy.

Michelle Yeoh, the Malaysian actress who plays Sayuri's guide and mentor, Mameha, actually had to trim her British accent because she has lived so long in the United Kingdom. Similarly, the American child actress Zoe Weizenbaum, who plays young Pumpkin, had to drop her U.S. intonations.

(Via Mark at Pinyin News.)

Popularity factor: 6


I boo the commercials every time I see them. Then, Oprah endorsed the film, and I grew conflicted. So, I just boo in a conflicted way now.


I'm not sure about the movie. I've not read the book yet, and the trailer... pretty but a blue eyed geisha? Sounds Hollywood, and crossing this (http://aolsvc.news.aol.com/special3/article.adp?id=20051128055309990009 ) makes me wonder at the reaction to the movie's release over there.


Yeah, I'm torn. I am fundamentally a Zhang Ziyi fan, but I don't want to be throwing money at people to reward them for getting my beloved early modern Japan wrong. (Also, I don't want the ticket seller to be like "psst! check out that white guy going to see the lame fake movie about geisha!")

I think I actually read the blog posts referenced in that article, too ;)


Hey Matt, she's gone Hollywood and is now calling herself "Ziyi Zhang." Please, Chinese people of the world, don't do this name-switching thing!


Oh no! If I keep putting the Zhang first am I a cultural imperialist?


No, put the Zhang first and you're an Orientalist! Putting it last makes you a cultural imperialist. Can't win.

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