Version where SSK is used as a base

C-verbs always use C-stem as a base.

V-verbs always use V-stem as a base.

D-verbs use different bases as shown in table below.


D-verb base
after vowel
after consonant
RTSS formruu
IZSS formree

(su/ku use C-stem for RY form as well. ~n/0 always use C-stem as they have no V-stem.)

The good: Much simpler.

The bad: "But why?"

Popularity factor: 2


I'm starting to have second thoughts about this "adding to the SS" thang....

Just kidding!

I don't know if it's the sort of reanalysis people would naturally make; works for now, though, eh!

So, thought about an interface yet? Spartan spare or bells and whistles? (How good is your Perl, by the way? I messed around with what I've got on my site; plain vanilla version, but there are workarounds to handle Japanese....)


I'm not so bad at Perl, but I made some horrible mistake when moving to my new iBook and now I can't compile things in C any more, which more or less ended my Perl career. (At least insofar as it requires access to new modules.)

Spartan all the way!

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