I wasn't kidding the other day when I mentioned representational art -- uniforms are still very prominent in Japanese culture, and it is not at all uncommon to see special "one-off" uniforms in advertisements which turn their wearers into living representations of some product or even the company as a whole.

For example, check out MATSUURA Aya here, in a picture I scanned from a brochure:

She is Japan Post, or perhaps simply their "You-Pack" packaging range. Obviously, the colors are the main connection between her and the brand, but her Japan*-shaped shadow is a cute touch.

I am not sure that "a single, shiny, elbow-length rubber glove" was the wisest design choice, however. In fact, I do not think that a single rubber elbow glove is ever good, image-wise.

* Except Okinawa. Sorry, Okinawa!

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Every time I see this ad on TV I wonder what the hell the point of the single red glove is. My theory always was that it (as you said) reflected the Post's logo (with more white than red in it)...but now you've just unearthed a far more sinister possibility.



Glad to be of service, my friend!

Must..resist..jokes about...searching mailbags...


oh shit...is that a talk soup reference?!



Hellooooo Post!

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