A pleasing discovery

At my favorite karaoke place, the lyrics to "Sabotage" are ALL CAPS.

Popularity factor: 5


It's in case along with your crystal ball, your vision ain't so crystal clear.


It's enough to make one think "oh my God, it's a mirage!"

The question is whether it was intentional or a case of proofreading SAAABOTAAAAAGE!!!!

Gaijin Biker:

I can't stand it! I know you planned it.

P.S. I love doing rap songs at karaoke because I can't carry a tune and a fast rap is the only way my singing will ever impress people.


Ha! I find that amusing and hasten to observe that it in no way resembles my situation. IN NO WAY.


Gaijin Biker:

We need to find a third and do some Beastie Boys at Smash Hits in Hiroo. They have "Get it Together" and a lot of other songs most places don't have.

One two one two keep it on...

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