No-sword's outward trek has begun. Alert the shiplords and hide the ginger.

To keep the self-promotion quotient of this post down at Yellow, I also observe that Pinyin News has been on fire for the last few weeks. If you're interested in East Asian languages but aren't reading it, your aggregator is probably laughing at you.

Popularity factor: 3


Does this mean you won't visit the small folk any more? ;)

Odd side note, my RSS feed's been really wierd with your posts. Coming together in clumps and sometimes moving themselves as they feel it.


Hey, you're the one making book covers and things! I AM the small folk! ;)

I actually MAKE them in clumps, is the sad thing. Moving themselves probably happens when I correct something and republish. Not sure how I can stop that happening, though :(


Oh... well that makes more sense. I guess it comes with some conflict between timestamps and republishing, which seems particular to Blogger. (Wow,I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about.)I haven't had any other types of blogs doing the little dance... that I know of. At least now I know my feed isn't suffering from dementia. ;)

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