Nightmare food for Japan's children

The latest instalment in our ongoing series, "Panels you would NEVER SEE IN A MILLION YEARS in American comic books for children":

Wait, it gets better: this was actually one of the least horrifying parts of the story it appeared in. The main plotline involved Shin-chan getting hold of a love ray that he accidentally uses on his babysitter's dad, his dog, AND HIS MOTHER.

You have not known Crayon Shin-chan-related unease until you have watched him flee as HIS MOTHER, starry-eyed, vows to abandon her husband -- that is to say, HIS FATHER -- and start a new life with him.

Popularity factor: 5


There once lived a man named Oedipus Rex,You may have heard about his odd complex.His name appears in Freud's index'Cause he loved his mother.

His rivals used to say quite a bitThat as a monarch he was most unfit.But still in all they had to admitThat he loved his mother.


When will bloggers learn not to use relative URLs in image tags? (I.e., it's broken in the archive page.)


Hey, it's a conscious decision on my part! The idea is to make it easier to move domains if necessary. Thanks for the heads-up!


I get back from four days away from blogging and studio life and I see this.

At least nothing's changed while I was gone. ;)


When I saw your comment in my inbox, Ali, I just KNEW it had to be attached to this post ;)

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