Like a controlled experiment for language nerds

Together at last -- the translated nicknames of all 108 Heroes of the Water Margin, as rendered in five different translations of the work (four English, one French).

Some of them would be entertainingly suggestive, if I weren't so mature.

Popularity factor: 5


The 108 Heroes of Lian Shan Po! (or whatever....)

I luv that show!

'For who is to say the snake may not become a dragon?'

And the best feem choon ever!


before i ever read the book, i played the koei game "bandit kings of ancient china," which i loved, and when i ended up reading it, i couldn't help but apply the names they had in the game to the various heroes. koei needs to put a hold on those 三国志 games and come out with another 水滸伝 one.


Show? Did I miss out on something? I know Commonwealth types of a certain age all grew up with Monkey Magic, which I-- a huge Saiyuki fan (wrote an MA thesis on it)-- have never seen. Don't tell me there was something similar for Suikoden!


Wonders what "O" stands for, checks list at top:「O」となっているのは『Outraws of the Marsh』Oh...

Howcum some of the "translated" names are still in characters??


Yeah, seriously... there was a show? And I wasn't told?

Since I'm drunk, I will allow myself one THE NATURE OF MONKEY WAS...IRREPRESSIBLE!!!

LH: 誤植(泣) means "misprint :( " and なし means "n/a" etc. I would go into more detail but see above

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