Last of the rising suns

Today was Bunka no Hi, a.k.a. Culture Day. I bought some books at the Junkudo motherstore and received a couple of miniature playing card bookmarks wrapped in plastic as part of a promotion. When I opened them up I saw that I had a pair of 4s, which meant I'd won a prize! I went to claim it, and found out it was a copy of the Japanese edition of that quidditch book.

Nice try, Junkudo. You're gonna have to throw that crap away yourself, though.

Here is an image depicting light from the very first stars ever to appear in our universe. If you believe that God said "let there be light", and there was light, this is that light. (Sadly, it's all infrared now, but I suppose it's too late to revise things to say "let there be warmth".)

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You're gonna have to throw that crap away yourself, though.

Well, they are Junk-udo, right?

(Sorry, going for the cheap shot. I don't know the chain...any good?)

"let there be warmth"

Image what a different world it would be if that had been the original serifu. Ah, well.


You don't know the glory of the overflowing nine-story tower of books that is Junkudo in Ikebukuro?

I'll admit it's a little too bright and white-walled inside, but I love the high shelves and the slightly less cramped aisles.


Yeah, the chain is about as good as any other (range depends completely on size), but the 9-storey honten in Ikebukuro is something else.

(But that pun was worth it.)


Beyond the Barrier,he sits and waits in vainfor tales of wonder from the capital,sleeves sopping wet.

Yep, that's me, don't know much 'cause I don't get out (or up? To the Tokes) much.

Have to make do here with Yamani, the Kashima Book Center or one of the national chains. (There's always Amazon, too, for hikki like me!)


I was under the impression my name was あずま. Oh, well.

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