Completeness... crave completeness...

I don't know what the Hyakunin Isshu is doing at sacredtexts.com -- not even tanka poets worship it any more -- but I do know that they have the cleanest, niftiest, completest (including pictures!) and overall best online version of William Porter's translation I've seen to date.

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That's a lovely little book; I remember borrowing it (probably a copy of the '79 Tuttle reprint, I don't remember) from the library at OSU when I was starting to study Japanese in earnest.

Thanks for the reminder!


Yeah, I had a copy of a Tuttle reprint too, and I was delighted because it had the actual Japanese in there (in romaji, but it's a start). Not that I had a hope in hell of understanding it back then.


Anyone know of online resources for Uji Shuui Monogatari? I found a text, but how about modern versions or English translations?


Google brings up a few partial modern translations if you just search for the title...

Has there ever been a complete English translation of that? I've never run across one.


I was hoping there would be a good site for Japanese texts like this one for Chinese ones:http://www.bwsk.net/I looked around and apparently some of this text has been translated in "Japanese Tales" by Royall Tyler. I haven't looked at that book yet, so I am not sure what exactly is in there. SIPs: yin yang diviner, major counselor, yam soup, ninth moon, sixth moon. And it's got a nice cover--maybe it would be a good one to buy.

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